9 years

So Facebook reminded me today that it’s 9 YEARS of friendship between me and Tim. It’s kinda funny how many things happened during this time and how miracle it was that we are now together despite the big distance and too little time we met before all of these things: flirting, serious dating, marriage, pregnant, building homestay together, and so much more… All of that is just within more or less 10 months. 😱💕

31-week baby!

I have another ultrasound session today. The baby is doing well so far and I’m praying everyday that she will be strong, healthy and smart, just like her parent 😍😁…

Since I’m working at home for the homestay project, I have more time to learn about babies. Yet there’s so much to learn. I hope I will do well as a mother soon 😄🤰💓

Look at our baby at 31 week, weigh 1,658 gram (3.6 pounds). We 💓 you baby girl!

Back to work

After 4 years of traveling, living places, learning languages, writing, dating 😁, Tim is going back to work today.

Look how charming my husband is in his work outfit 😍

Good luck hubby! 💓

Preparation for our baby

Oh I’m now at the 29-30 weeks. How time flies 😱… I just started learning about baby and doing shopping. Look at these cute little pieces 😍😍😍

I would need help from my friends to buy more other stuffs 😂, I’m getting headaches just because I tried to learn about different kind of diapers. 🤣

Daddy to the rescue haha 😆