Tim’s birthday ? ?

Tim doesn’t like birthday celebrations, same as me ?. But this is the first birthday since we have been together so I decided to make a simple celebration for Tim.

To Tim: I love you and I always will ?… There are difficulties ahead of us but I’m excited to go through all of them with you. ??❤️

Tim’s first book

I’m so proud of you hubby ??… After more than 2 years of working on this book, finally Soma Book I was published on Amazon. Congrats to you for this big day ???

May Update

Next month I’ll be back in the US on some job interviews. Hopefully Hòa will be able to travel in June. The baby is getting bigger and bigger, and from I can tell she has her Mom’s lips and maybe Dad’s nose, but it’s hard to tell just yet 🙂

I’m going to miss the relaxing day-to-day in Ha Long, especially the constant supply of juice and tea from Hoa’s Mom. Even on days she can’t be here, she comes over early in the morning and makes us a bunch of juice and tea. We woke up to this one morning: