Tim’s birthday 🎂 💕

Tim doesn’t like birthday celebrations, same as me 😅. But this is the first birthday since we have been together so I decided to make a simple celebration for Tim.

To Tim: I love you and I always will 💕… There are difficulties ahead of us but I’m excited to go through all of them with you. 🥰😘❤️

Tim’s first book

I’m so proud of you hubby 😍😘… After more than 2 years of working on this book, finally Soma Book I was published on Amazon. Congrats to you for this big day 💕💕💕

Farewell party with my company

More than 5 years working in the Philippines with a lot of tears, sweat, laughter and happiness, it’s time to say goodbye to my CleverAds Philippines family. All the good memories will stay in my heart ❤️

I’m glad that Tim finally met my team on my last day. Can’t wait to start the new chapter of our life in Halong 🥰😘